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Book. "Élan." read online
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#70 in ChickLit
#471 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 30 Aug 125 pages

Publication: 30.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "Élan."

Everyday life is difficult for a normal person, it's even more a disabled one.
María José is a young Venezuelan woman whose dream has always been to travel the world and learn about new cultures. However, being born with neurological issues left her with several side effects, which made it impossible for her to meet those goals, so she chose for a more accessible option: becoming a writer. Each of her novels carries a bit of herself on their pages, her wishes, idyllic love stories, and universes full of magic and fantasy, this way, her imagination flew over and over again, until the day she received an email from one of her best friends, who lived in London. That was a golden opportunity that she wouldn't let go, so she said "See you later" to her family, packed her bags and left.


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