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Book. "Expected" read online
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#796 in Romantic suspense
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Complete 92 pages

Publication: 11.01.2021 — 23.04.2021

Description of book "Expected"

He was my best friend
“Run after me Ana! Quick catch me and I’ll give you anything you ask for”

She was my best friend
“I caught you! get me what I want!"

I hurt him
“I don’t like chubby boys Red and so I don’t want you as my friend anymore”

She hurt me
“Do best friends speaking badly of each other?”

She forgot about it
She woke up one day with no memory of what had happened to her for the past twenty years.

He dint forget about it
“Aviana Garcia you will pay for hurting me and my family…that’s my promise to YOU!! You’ll feel my pain and beg it to stop”

It's a tragedy series: Amnesia and a love that hurts


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Lynn Austria
05.07.2021, 15:29:31

Nice book, thank you. Take care, stay safe and God bless us.

Maureen Mutahi
05.07.2021, 17:11:53

Lynn Austria, Thanks so much...this means a lot :)….take care too and stay safe as well

Marvin Munene
17.05.2021, 19:50:14

a good read

Maureen Mutahi
17.05.2021, 21:59:47

Marvin Munene, thanks

Mehak Zaroo
14.01.2021, 15:49:35


Maureen Mutahi
14.01.2021, 18:34:54

Mehak Zaroo, Thanks

Lena Chemat
13.01.2021, 12:28:05

Great work

Maureen Mutahi
13.01.2021, 12:59:05

Lena Chemat, Thanks...this gives motivation

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