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Faith's Forever

Favour Joseph A

Story about:love and hope, a young bride, a billonaire in love

Age restriction: 18+

10 33

#5465 in Romance
#1848 in Billionaires

On Hold: 16 Nov 14 pages

Publication: 12.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Faith's Forever"

Faith is a young woman who has just gotten married to the love of her life, Daniel. Nobody plans for the tragedy that awaits them. Needing to sustain the family, Faith decides to get an external job. What she doesn't expect is that her employer may have ulterior motives for employing her and may just want something more than her delicious meals.

When an American billionaire sets to employ a Nigerian chef to prepare Nigerian dishes for him during his stay in Africa, he doesn't expect to see a young, talented, and beautiful African woman, show up for the job. Terrified by his desire for this African woman and stricken by the fact that she is married to someone else, he is torn between letting her go and fighting for her love...

In the battle between love and aggressive desires, who wins??


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