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First Night In Abuja

Edet Samuel Isiting

Story about:youngadult, unemployment, nigeria

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On Hold: 26 Feb 13 pages

Publication: 20.02.2020 — ...

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Description of book "First Night In Abuja"

Damilola is a Nigerian university graduate on the quest for a better life. After living all his life in Balaloro village , Ekiti state, Nigeria, he finally decided it’s time to seek greener pastures.
Without an idea of where he’s going except for the name of the place, he embarks on a journey of no return despite warnings from his mother to either postpone or outrightly cancel the planned journey.
Will he survive and make something out of his life or will things go wrong on his first night in a new city?


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Omowunmi Racheal
29.02.2020, 15:37:18

What a wonderful story
nice one dear I love it
Can't wait to get the copy

Edet Samuel Isiting
02.03.2020, 09:44:44

I'm so excited you love it. Thank you so much

Emmanuella Okeke
27.02.2020, 21:39:16

Its really a sad one. If only he listened to his aged mother.
Anyways, Edet you did a nice job here. I love it... Keep the good work going. May your "ink" never run dry

Edet Samuel Isiting
27.02.2020, 20:27:54

the wisdom of the old

thank you so much. Amen.

Itz Princess Yetty
21.02.2020, 19:11:36

Nice.....can't wait to get the story

Edet Samuel Isiting
21.02.2020, 17:35:20

same here, can't wait to let it out

Nze Faithful
21.02.2020, 15:33:59

Nice preview. I rooting for Damilola to make it. Well done

Edet Samuel Isiting
21.02.2020, 13:57:41

Fingers crossed

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