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Book. "Flesh Marks: Chronicles of the Branded (vol.1)" read online

Flesh Marks: Chronicles of the Branded (vol.1)

Micheal Fahey

Series: Flesh-Marks: The Chronicles of the Branded

Story about:fantasy, fantasy world, shortstory

11 1875

#190 in Epic fantasy
#624 in Supernaturals

Sample 31 pages

Publication: 01.01.2020 — ...

Description of book "Flesh Marks: Chronicles of the Branded (vol.1)"

Palep had only been young when he was granted his flesh-mark, yet the beaver symbol had ingrained itself within him and every day he found himself aligning with its ideals. Fueled by a severe illness that threatens his mothers life; he leaves his clan behind. He seeks the legendary Badger token; that which possesses the ability to cure all ailments. On his adventures, he is joined by his best friend Lita, and their companion-come-opportunist Christian. Finally, they find themselves at the heart of a legendary dungeon - an abandoned city, promised to hold a token worth it all. But will fate fall in their favor?


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Victoria Harbour
22.02.2020, 19:21:23


Troy Charlton
01.01.2020, 20:36:28

waiting for updates

Mary Fahey
01.01.2020, 14:15:29

Intriguing, captivating, descriptive and cannot wait to read more!

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