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Forbidden Passion


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Description of book "Forbidden Passion"

She is a maid.
He is a prince.
Two different people from different worlds but that doesn't stop them from going down the forbidden path.

"I want you...". He trailed off on purpose.
"Your..your highness?". She stuttered.
He laughed. "Relax Ce. He said. Can I call you Ce?".
" you can call me anything you want."
"I want you to be my personal maid."

Having lost the love of his life to cancer at seventeen, Prince Sebastian Lyon vowed never to fall in love again till he meets Celine a beautiful orphaned girl who is a maid in the palace.
He befriends her and in the process, falls in love with her which is against the rules.
What will Sebastian do when they are caught and Celine's life is threatened?.
Will he fight for her or lose his second chance at love?.
Read Forbidden Passion to find out!.

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Dezrene Gardner 15.01.2021, 13:28:51

birds of a feather flock together real nasty bitches

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Beejuzee 15.01.2021, 17:10:43

Dezrene Gardner, yeah they are.

Nadia Maidin 15.01.2021, 14:45:07

More updates pls.. Im soo thrilled wd this Royal thing whatever..

Tabitha Mutashi 11.01.2021, 23:58:16

nice story

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Beejuzee 12.01.2021, 00:04:42

Tabitha Mutashi, thanks

Manjot Kaur 11.01.2021, 15:02:28

continue please

Dezrene Gardner 11.01.2021, 11:54:32

if the queen or your sister doesn't kill her first

pelosia 10.01.2021, 23:37:01

I really love how the story is going ,u thnk it's going to be an interesting one ,update please

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Beejuzee 11.01.2021, 00:10:36

pelosia, thanks

vijie 10.01.2021, 14:29:45


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Beejuzee 10.01.2021, 14:41:18

vijie, thank you.

vijie 10.01.2021, 06:08:02

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