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Publication: 03.02.2021 — 28.04.2021
Contests: Beauty and the Beast

Description of book "Forever Stolen"

When Demon Price Zeus was born the world had stilled to honour his arrival. Every creature that came under his rule had sworn in their loyalty to the demon that was undoubtedly meant to rule the world.
Alexandra was just a baby when the coven of blood witches had found her in the forest. Even though she was a human, she knew no other life than the magical world around her.
Things changed when all of a sudden newly turned Demon King Zeus begin to hunt her. Despite their loyalty to Zeus the witches refused to give her up.
Why does the extremely handsome and mighty king wish to steal her?
Why won't the witches let her go?
What are the secrets tied to her very existence?
Will she live long enough to find out?
But most importantly will Zeus protect her till their hearts finally beat as one?


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Jennifer Zeigler
07.02.2022, 23:37:50

This story is so beautifully written and the storyline is captivating. I truly enjoyed reading the whole story. All chapters are amazing! ❤️❤️❤️

Maryam Zahid
13.04.2022, 10:31:21

Jennifer Zeigler, Thank you so much!

Jessica Arrington
28.03.2022, 21:50:29

Amazing story!

Maryam Zahid
13.04.2022, 10:31:10

Jessica Arrington, Thank you so much!

Bel Espada
04.06.2021, 14:44:38

I'm so sad bcoz I didn't get the chance to read this book while it is on free bcoz I've barely enough time for leisure though I'm sure that this one is really very interesting.

Maryam Zahid
04.06.2021, 16:58:38

Bel Espada, It truly is, you can always invest a couple dollars though! I assure you it's worth it!!

Sana Kamran
03.05.2021, 07:58:58

Proud of you ?

Maryam Zahid
03.05.2021, 10:27:03

Sana Kamran, Thankyou!!

Laiba Amir
03.05.2021, 06:29:29

Wow so proud of you❤️? can't wait to read this

Maryam Zahid
03.05.2021, 10:26:54

Laiba Amir, Thankyou

Maryam Hanif
02.05.2021, 22:00:08

Amazing can't wait to read

Maryam Zahid
02.05.2021, 22:56:05

Maryam Hanif, Thankyou!!

Isbah Syed
02.05.2021, 17:56:46

I am STOKED!!! Couldn't be more proud of you!! Never doubted your potential for a second!!

Maryam Zahid
02.05.2021, 21:24:38

Isbah Syed, Iloveyouu!!

Shayan Ahmed
02.05.2021, 17:25:29

Can't wait to read this

Maryam Zahid
02.05.2021, 21:24:30

Shayan Ahmed, Please do!!

Fizzah Kazmi
02.05.2021, 13:29:36


Maryam Zahid
02.05.2021, 15:59:12

Fizzah Kazmi, Thankyou!!

Sara Khan
02.05.2021, 12:22:10 proud of you ?

Maryam Zahid
02.05.2021, 15:59:04

Sara Khan, Thankyou!

Sher Jan Shohaz
02.05.2021, 11:50:26

This absolutely deserves more than ground accolades than praise in words. Hope you create difference Mariyam. You are so amazing in words! Gud luck!

Maryam Zahid
02.05.2021, 11:50:53

Sher Jan Shohaz, Thankyou so much, mean alot!!

Tanisha Sagheer
02.05.2021, 10:59:36

Always knew you would eventually get here!

Maryam Zahid
02.05.2021, 11:04:17

Tanisha Sagheer, Your faith is everything!!

Diya Khan
02.05.2021, 10:57:15

best work of yours!

Maryam Zahid
02.05.2021, 11:04:02

Diya Khan, Thankyouuu!

Fawad Tariq Raza
02.05.2021, 10:52:20

wow :)

Maryam Zahid
02.05.2021, 11:03:54

Fawad Tariq Raza, !!

Mohammad Anjum
02.05.2021, 10:49:39

Can't believe you finally did it!

Maryam Zahid
02.05.2021, 11:03:46

Mohammad Anjum, Ditto!!

Faila Kashif
02.05.2021, 10:26:17

Can't wait to read this masterpiece!!

Maryam Zahid
02.05.2021, 11:03:39

Faila Kashif, Please do!

Suhaira Raza
02.05.2021, 10:24:17

If perfection was a book, this would be it!!

Maryam Zahid
02.05.2021, 11:03:30

Suhaira Raza, Wow, means the world!

Waleed Khan
02.05.2021, 10:15:55

This is such a thrilling page-turner!

Maryam Zahid
02.05.2021, 11:03:18

Waleed Khan, I am glad you are enjoying it!

Alia Jonas
02.05.2021, 10:13:02

This is the perfect story for a light read!!

Maryam Zahid
02.05.2021, 11:03:08

Alia Jonas, Thankyouuuu!

Tayyaba Zehra
02.05.2021, 10:54:45

So proud of you!

Tasveeb Shaikh
02.05.2021, 10:47:34

My favourite genre!

Syeda Bareera Kazmi
29.04.2021, 14:03:40

I am totally enjoying this!!

Maryam Zahid
29.04.2021, 14:12:49

Syeda Bareera Kazmi, I am so glad!

Mohammad Zahid Siddiqui
29.04.2021, 13:15:51

So proud of you for writing this masterpiece!

Maryam Zahid
29.04.2021, 14:12:42

Mohammad Zahid Siddiqui, Thankyousm!!

laiba jamali
29.04.2021, 13:07:24

This is probably going to be my favourite demon in love with a human story!!

Maryam Zahid
29.04.2021, 14:12:35

laiba jamali, It will be!

Samia Nikhat
29.04.2021, 13:02:54

Can't wait to read your work

Maryam Zahid
29.04.2021, 14:12:21

Samia Nikhat, Thankyouu!!

sitara Tanveer
29.04.2021, 13:11:32


Joy Odunwa
28.04.2021, 17:04:44

Aww! Such a wonderful ending. It was really a lovely book. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Maryam Zahid
28.04.2021, 17:18:58

Joy Odunwa, Thankyou so much!! This means alot

Joy Odunwa
28.04.2021, 09:45:12

Hope Zeus arrives in time to save her. Lovely update . Please update more soon.

Maryam Zahid
28.04.2021, 15:58:18

Joy Odunwa, All done!!

Joy Odunwa
25.04.2021, 18:04:44

lovely update.

Maryam Zahid
25.04.2021, 20:19:34

Joy Odunwa, Thankyou!!

Joy Odunwa
23.04.2021, 16:05:39

Your are very much welcome. It's a really great book.

Maryam Zahid
25.04.2021, 11:54:00

Joy Odunwa, Thankyou!

Joy Odunwa
23.04.2021, 09:15:59

Can just imagine how pissed Luna is right now knowing who she thought will make her more powerful is actually going to make her worst enemy more powerful. Can't wait for the showdown between the two of them. Please update soon.

Maryam Zahid
23.04.2021, 14:09:35

Joy Odunwa, Haha yes, I will be completing the entire book in a few days InshAllah. Thankyou for giving so much love!

Joy Odunwa
21.04.2021, 22:39:16

You're the best

Maryam Zahid
21.04.2021, 23:45:37

Joy Odunwa, Thankyousm

Joy Odunwa
21.04.2021, 15:54:36

Please update today. Dying of curiosity.

Maryam Zahid
21.04.2021, 22:17:34

Joy Odunwa, Done!!

Joy Odunwa
19.04.2021, 22:46:20

lovey chapters, please more update.

Maryam Zahid
19.04.2021, 23:21:08

Joy Odunwa, Thankyouu! Will be updating soon

Minal Khan
07.04.2021, 19:37:59

Just started it and already enthralled ✨?

Maryam Zahid
07.04.2021, 21:37:34

Minal Khan, Thankyouuu

Muhammad Taha Farooqi
19.02.2021, 15:30:09

Interesting! Can't wait to see how the story unfolds!

Maryam Zahid
20.02.2021, 10:01:43

Muhammad Taha Farooqi, Thankyou!!

Joy Odunwa
09.02.2021, 15:58:09

captivating so far.

Joy Odunwa
09.02.2021, 18:31:59

Maryam Zahid, please do.

Mohammad Hadi
08.02.2021, 15:09:30

Seems interesting can't wait to read further.

Maryam Zahid
09.02.2021, 16:31:58

Mohammad Hadi, Thankyou

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