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Golden Sunset


Story about:love, betrayal, boss

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#718 in Contemporary Romance
#1269 in Billionaires

On Hold: 24 Mar 9 pages

Publication: 24.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Golden Sunset"

Prachi never thought before that she would come in such a stage of her life where she would have to go through the same phase again.
She feels like an absolute stupid who didn't learn from her past mistakes.
But she is now in too much deep to avoid him.
Adam might have broken the walls of her heart once again but his present attitude is sending her mixed signals.
Now she is too exhausted to try to understand that complicated man.
Her heart and her brain are having contradictory ideas.
Suddenly she is feeling suffocated with so much emotions.
She doesnt even remember when she had her proper share of rest.
However the condition of her sister is doing nothing but adding to her stress.
Within a few moments she begins to feel dizziness as she hears someone calling her name from distance and a

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Author Vanshika
29.03.2021, 22:15:35

Aww, I like this man!

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