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Gone Were The Days

Black Devil

Story about:bad girl bad boy, daddy issues, singing

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On Hold: 08 Jun 54 pages

Publication: 08.06.2021 — ...

Description of book "Gone Were The Days"

Audrey Davis resents her father throughout her whole life. She hates him for leaving her and her mom, thinking how all men are terrible except for a few. When her mom got sick, she became more enclosed in her own world, fighting to stay strong for her mom. People help her, including Derek Holland, who lost his mom and finds her missing warmth through Audrey's mother. When they first met, Derek couldn't forget her and thought about her all the time. Audrey on the other hand didn't find him too great at first but then grows closer. Hope ya'll like it!
NOTICE:I do not own any of the pictures and a few events are inspired by true beauty the kdrama.


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