Book. "Her Unrequited love (part 1)" read online

Her Unrequited love (part 1)

Rashiya Sheikh

Story about:crush that lead to love, rudeboy, sweetgirl

Age restriction: 18+

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#268 in Billionaires
#531 in Romance

Complete 152 pages

Publication: 09.11.2020 — 09.11.2020

Description of book "Her Unrequited love (part 1)"

Elizabeth Maximoff ......A simple beautiful naughty rich girl ...she is a princess to her father .....her father completes her every wish .... if she ask for moon he will definitely try his best to get her that too .....but she has unrequited crush on Xavier black ....A cold hearted billionaire who likes to play with and feeling doesn't matter for him....he lives for himself and his siblings.. . business is his first priority...
What happen when Xavier decided to marry Elizabeth with hidden intention to capture her whole business empire .....?
What happen when Elizabeth get to know about it....?
Will her love fade away??
Or will she succeed to make him fall in love with her...too..?
Read it out to know what will happen....


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10.02.2022, 17:56:19

Hiii I am an emerging autho :)

I am currenting writing a book called Vampire's obsession do check it i am sure you would love it, out its about Aldric a great vampire royal ,he is a devil possessed in the body of a greek god, a sinner without any emotions or feelings. Aldric is a arrogant ,cocky, aggressive, cold-hearted vampire king. He is renowned for his irresistible looks and his brutality. His signature smirk makes men beg for his mercy and women for his touch . The four letter words which he hated the most and liked the most were love and lust. The man's whose earlier obsession and desire was only towards power and money was now totally directed towards her. Samantha is a human princess. She is as innocent and beautiful as an angle with a so pure soul. She is a naive ,sweet ,cheerful girl with a heart of gold. Do press the star button if you liked the book :)
Lots of loveee

05.11.2021, 18:16:17

Thank you ! I enjoy reading this novel

Khushboo Sav
22.10.2021, 18:07:31

why she misunderstood him when everything was going to be on track.. she should have trust him.. I'm feeling bad for them.. uit story is wonderful.. I love it..

Ioana Botea
07.08.2021, 15:01:27

Wooow!! That's a real story!! Congratulations!

Hannah Heath
12.07.2021, 21:10:10

Shut the front door! What a beautiful tense story...couldn't put this book down! I wonder what he got up his sleeve...I just hope everything works out for the best!
On to the next book!!

Dhruty Mody
01.07.2021, 04:24:07

nice simple love he will be chasing her for his love

Sonto Myeza
12.01.2021, 00:50:48

Can't wait.

Payal Pradhan
05.01.2021, 18:03:42


Payal Pradhan
05.01.2021, 11:48:23


Orji Christisna
22.12.2020, 12:21:07

Xavier might be responsible for the accident

Orji Christisna
22.12.2020, 09:39:05

Lizzy is seriously sick and no one knows cos this is not love its infatuation or even bipolar disorder

Belle Lanceta Flores
16.12.2020, 14:52:39

This novel is breathtaking with beautiful storyline

Wishing for the best Miss author

Cecy Rngaid
06.12.2020, 12:41:28

he is truly innocent then why?

Melpa Diana
04.12.2020, 17:13:32

Akhir yang tragis bagi mereka.

Marivic Titular
01.12.2020, 16:09:50


Marivic Titular
01.12.2020, 16:09:50


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