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Book. "His Caged Butterfly #4" read online

His Caged Butterfly #4


Series: The Beauty and Beast series

Story about:mafiaromance, mafiaking, mafiahusband

Age restriction: 18+

27 106

#118 in Fanfiction
#863 in Erotic

On Hold: 31 May 3 pages

Publication: 31.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "His Caged Butterfly #4"

" Do you love me hubby "
" No I don't "
" They w-why did you marry me "
" Because you are mine Butterfly "
" b-but you don't love m-me "
" It's beyond love my wife, I have something beyond the love for you, it's not acceptable nor it's good to show or shower you with it, it's beyond you can imagine so don't carve for it, the moment i claim you, trust me no one can stop me even you, it's beyond Inconceivable my butterfly. "

About an untold love,
She was his caged Butterfly, she was there princess.
His queen to be known.

He loves her but doesn't show it,
He want to make her his but at the same time he doesn't want to hurt her.

He is known as the shadow of the king, his brother is everything.
And he so what ever his brother pleases.

Let's see how they end the end.


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06.06.2022, 06:49:19

Update please

06.06.2022, 08:13:08

Fouziya, well looks like you are excited too, and sorry for saying this. I still have so many to edit and update though.
so I thought completing "his hidden angel " first so i keept all other stories at hold.
thank you for reading my story.
I look forward.

01.06.2022, 11:18:09

nice author , very excited for this story

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