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His Demonic Essence

Adia Smith

Story about:demon, lovelust, tribrid

Age restriction: 18+

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Description of book "His Demonic Essence "

Beelzebub was known throughout the underworld as a meddler of humans, so staying true to his nature he meddled. His closest friend and sire had spent years cooped up in the attic of Redwood manor, mourning the death of his wife and unborn child.

Taking pity on the now alcoholic and hallucinating Kai, Beelzebub plans on finding a woman for him to spend his eternity with. That woman was Asilia, a woman assumed to be purely human, with a son and a husband. Beelzebub, disposing of the husband, leads Asilia and her son to Redwood Manor.

Beelzebub became confident in his plan until it was revealed by Kai and the moody moon goddess that she was his mate.

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Shoot.Dive. Fly 01.05.2020, 10:27:46

Amazing story.
Why have you stopped publishing new chapters??

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Shoot.Dive. Fly 09.05.2020, 08:36:45

Ohh.. Okay.. Waiting!! Best of luck for your book!!

Miri Golden 14.01.2020, 00:57:42

excited to read more

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Adia Smith 14.01.2020, 02:05:04

Miri Golden, Thanks for reading, don't forget to like

Mark Pearson 13.01.2020, 18:13:48

the tiny human is evil?

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Adia Smith 14.01.2020, 02:04:19

Mark Pearson, keep reading to find out

Adia Smith 10.01.2020, 16:07:22

Don't forget to like and comment.

Giggi 10.01.2020, 14:22:58

continue it

Karoline Stars 09.01.2020, 01:09:04


Katie Von 08.01.2020, 15:07:41

I'm hooked already

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Adia Smith 08.01.2020, 15:17:03

Yayy thank you for reading

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