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His Desire to Love

Failia Baighaan

Story about:love, drama, redemption

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#696 in Romance
#13 in Humor

Ongoing: 07 May 16 pages

Publication: 26.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "His Desire to Love"

He was shattered, she was scattered. On her journey to fix his fragments, she found her missing pieces buried in his heart.
Ethan Zeth, an infamous Youtuber who hides his severe depression and trust issues behind his smile, not letting people know what resides in his lifeless eyes and unbreakable facade. When Luna Izeel, his fan and a hot instagram influencer, decided to dig his old scars and find the origin of his despair for her own advantage, the only obstacle in her resoluteness would be Aaron himself. Not letting her reach the core of darkness and misery while merging into a mystifying bond they began to cherish obliviously.

When two platforms collide, something memorable will surely arise.


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Dream of books
07.05.2021, 21:53:49

interesting and update soon

Dream of books
02.05.2021, 13:59:08

interesting waiting for more

Dr-Hana Khalid
26.04.2021, 18:50:50

Is this going to be a free story for reading?

Failia Baighaan
26.04.2021, 18:50:50

Dr-Hana Khalid, Yup :)

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