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Book. "His Little Star" read online

His Little Star

Bint Sattar

Story about:billionaire, forcedmarriage, secretpregnancy

Age restriction: 18+

120 611

#68 in BDSM
#908 in Billionaires

On Hold: 23 Sep 9 pages

Publication: 18.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "His Little Star"

Luciano de ricci is a famous Italian Rockstar who is famous for his bed hopping habit along with his killer looks.

Natalia Anrep being daughter of most dangerous Russian mafia boss climbed the ladder of success with her own hard work along with giving birth to a baby boy at age if nineteen and being a single mom.

What happens when she was put in a position where she had to marry the father of her son after seven years?

Obviously as she hates him, there will be fights and obviously he loves her, there will be lots of lots of steamy sex.


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Veena Kumari
02.10.2022, 04:00:41

Ummmm.... only 2 chapters? Is this book new?

Veena Kumari
02.10.2022, 14:54:52

Bint Sattar, Oh ok... I am excited to read them both :)

Veena Kumari
02.10.2022, 03:52:42

LMAOOOO.... Girl you slayyy...

Dhruty Mody
24.09.2022, 17:19:56

wow that's attitude.. keep it up

Eram Khan
18.09.2022, 18:56:31

wonderful staring...ALL THE BEST dear author

Bint Sattar
18.09.2022, 19:05:26

Eram Khan, thank you

18.09.2022, 16:45:40

wow! Dimitri and Aurora daughter story!
good spin off dear!

Bint Sattar
18.09.2022, 16:53:46

Heartfixer, thank you:)

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