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Description of book "I Breathe Underwater"

Being popular and part of a social clique at her high school, seventeen-year-old Charlotte, turns a blind eye to bullying by her own group of friends.

Until the unimaginable happens.

Two deaths in one night.

Guilt ridden, she seeks out a friendship with, Justin, one of the boys her friends consider the lowest of the low, whilst carrying a secret so painful, one she can't even confide in her best friend. She has a difficult decision to make, keep her secret hidden from the world or to reveal it.

But revealing the truth could ultimately mean the end of her perfect family, the one thing Charlotte doesn't want.

Will she keep up pretenses and continue to play the role of the good girl, or finally set herself free of her burden?


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Beata Gos
07.05.2020, 08:45:11

Such a pity, may Charlotte be able to seek refuge elsewhere safely

Beata Gos
06.05.2020, 11:20:37

Thank you for the update, i'm getting hooked by story

Beata Gos
24.04.2020, 13:46:57

Looking forward for any update soon, thank you

Beata Gos
24.04.2020, 12:21:39

So engrossed with the story, like it very much, thank you

Jessy La Nena
22.04.2020, 10:57:08

Very sad, looking forward to reading this book.

Leopardwolf Morgan
05.04.2020, 23:47:08

Comment has been deleted

Claudia Coenen
04.04.2020, 23:53:39

Comment has been deleted

Lewis Ducote
04.04.2020, 10:40:42

Is it complete?

Janice Magerman
04.04.2020, 08:46:07

Lewis Ducote, No, unfortunately it's not completed yet but if you follow me and check in daily for a chapter, you will be able to reach the completed book.

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