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In The Last Days


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"No one knows when the darkness will come, but all I know is it will. And very soon we all will see it. The question is, can we find the light in it all?"
This book contains the essence of what is to come in the last days, heed and change for the better, give your life to Christ. There's not much time left. Get ready.

Meet Rose Turner, a girl who found light in darkness.

Following the sadness and hollowness that never left since the dreadful day two years ago, things took a turn for the worst when her best friend left her for popularity calling it quits.

And Marcus didn't make it any easier.

Funny how things change in the blink of an eye though, with a simple note, a note that changed her life forever.

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JoyfulNoise(GiveHimPraise) 01.03.2021, 16:13:45

Taiwolilly please update this amazing book.
Much love!

PeculiarPraise 01.02.2021, 13:11:52

Whew! Pretty intense. Rose shouldn't have gone. I was scared that horrible bully Joe would rape her. ?
Thank you for the update, Taiwolilly.❤️

PeculiarPraise 14.01.2021, 20:19:26

Indeed, we are in the last days. Nice to see you here too, Taiwolilly. *Winks*
Keep shining for Jesus

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JoyfulNoise(GiveHimPraise) 21.01.2021, 08:19:36

PeculiarPraise, Yes! I didn't think about that.

PeculiarPraise 14.01.2021, 20:21:11

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