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Book. "Keeping Secrets" read online

Keeping Secrets

Dakota Jones

Story about:love and sex, love hardship and family

Age restriction: 18+

47 922

#133 in LGBT
#3070 in Romance

Complete 117 pages

Publication: 17.05.2022 — 18.06.2022

Description of book "Keeping Secrets"

Everyone has a secret, something that could destroy the very fabric their lives are woven from. For May Haze that is exactly what she is trying to run away from. A past can be a daunting affair to cover up, but May’s past is so dark that it is almost impossible for her to run from it until she meets Kira Kailand. Will their secrets and dark pasts that connect them to each other turn around and ruin them or bring them closer together? Can they handle each other’s skeletons even if it means that they were the very ones that destroyed them in the first place?It was love at first sight, if such a thing does in fact exist, for Kira Kailand. Both could not be more mysterious in their own ways to each other from the start.


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