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Love is Blind

Vijay Kerji

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Publication: 25.04.2020 — ...

Description of book "Love is Blind"

Niranjan, a software engineer from India goes to the USA to work for his client, General Electric. His Niranjan, a Software Engineer goes, to America on an assignment, and meets an American girl, Jennifer. They fall in love with each other and travel to different tourist places across the east coast. But when his friendship with Jennifer flourishes, Jennifer's brother, James, opposes her romancing with Niranjan. He threatens her not to continue her relationship with Niranjan and face the consequences otherwise.
Meanwhile, Niranjan receives a call from India saying his father has been admitted to a hospital because of a heart attack. Caught in a dilemma whether to remain in America or return to India, Niranjan struggles to make a proper decision. Will he forego his romance with Jennifer?

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