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Description of book "Love out of spite"

Raj, he is a billionaire who is very mysterious about his personality. And don't care about any one in the world but his loved ones. Fall in love with his crazy, daydreamer, open minded assistant, shruti.Then through out many interesting incidents they got together. But then for some past issues of him they broke up. But why? How?
Don't worry it's a happy ending story. But how did they got together again. To know read this crazy, super romantic comedy story. I assure you will not regret it.

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Ifunanya Chianonde 04.12.2020, 01:09:59

I love you story but your English is something else pls improve your English thanks

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Riya 04.12.2020, 12:39:18

Ifunanya Chianonde, nowadays I'm a pretty busy with my studies so it was quite difficult for me to imagine. but as soon as possible I'll update

Dream of books 03.12.2020, 15:16:40

please make her character strong just like not others girls make love her differently not just by seeing and knowing and loving and misunderstanding and leaving and again coming what is this please make special i love your story so much but I just want to say not it is not bad comment only my feeling update soon built it very strong

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Riya 03.12.2020, 17:26:08

Riya , but thank you so much for reading and thinking that much about my story. keep reading and be happy and healthy.

farah rajpoot 27.11.2020, 05:12:18

best story evet I like it most I read it two or more time

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Riya 27.11.2020, 18:22:39

farah rajpoot, thank you much for reading and keep reading

Tanuja Panda 21.11.2020, 08:06:16

Excellent story, please update regularly

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Riya 21.11.2020, 10:38:05

Tanuja Panda, ok thank you so much!!❤❤

VAISHALI 17.11.2020, 15:15:07

Hey... Nice story

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Riya 17.11.2020, 15:38:32

VAISHALI, Thank you so much and keep reading ❤❤❤

Priya Raj 17.11.2020, 09:20:48

will you keep this book on sale too before completing it in future....??

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Riya 17.11.2020, 09:47:43

Priya Raj, Yes! Why not.?❤

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