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Loving Rex Angelo

Salem silver G

Story about:love, drama, billionaire love

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Ongoing: 20 Jan 86 pages

Publication: 24.11.2020 — ...
Contests: My love, my billionaire

Description of book "Loving Rex Angelo"

Love is magical and cannot be explained. Cherry Gilles an ordinary high school dropout working for billionaire Rex Angelo as his secretary and tea girl, unintentionally falls in love with him which led to serious scandals and complications in their relationship.

Love is a strange word to Cherry and she hates the word love because its not real and blames herself for falling in love with Rex, it was forbidden, dangerous and foolish. "What can I do to get this foreign feeling from my chest."

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Naaz Patel 21.01.2021, 14:02:22

hey dear author, can I know when are u going to update the next chapter??

Naaz Patel 19.01.2021, 13:33:49

dear author, your story is amazing... I loved it... plz update.. I am waiting for the next update....

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Naaz Patel 19.01.2021, 16:37:59

Salem silver G, wow!! great... I will wait then... ❤❤

Dream of books 15.01.2021, 19:21:03

rex should try really hard please make that she should not fall easily for him like head over heels please

The last comment in the thread:

Salem silver G 17.01.2021, 22:07:34

Dream of books, well Rex is not innocent as he looks he has other plans and strategies to get Cherry for himself....

Dream of books 12.01.2021, 20:13:59

he should try very hard to get her please

Dream of books 07.01.2021, 16:52:28

she should send resign letter really please make this so he can understand the reason and the real pain in such words please make her resign and Maria should come and tell the real reason behind it now that rex will feel guilty please

The last comment in the thread:

Salem silver G 08.01.2021, 01:24:06

Dream of books, You are close.

Sri diaries 15.12.2020, 07:42:30

please update the story

Ikraan Cabdirisaaq Ali 05.12.2020, 22:17:17

please update regularly author

The last comment in the thread:

Salem silver G 06.12.2020, 13:45:55

Ikraan Cabdirisaaq Ali, Will do my best. Thanks

Ikraan Cabdirisaaq Ali 05.12.2020, 22:16:44

ilove this story

farhanatu abubakar 29.11.2020, 11:23:48

wow wow wow that's awesome story I really love it, this story is sooooo good, please our author update the next chapter I really love your book, waiting eagerly for the next chapter, love you dear.

The last comment in the thread:

Salem silver G 30.11.2020, 10:27:52

farhanatu abubakar, Love you too my lovely readers I'll be updating this week stay tuned.
Thanks for your love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ikraan Cabdirisaaq Ali 27.11.2020, 19:50:25

please update author

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