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Book. "Loving you is Losing Game" read online

Loving you is Losing Game


Series: Martinez's Brothers!!

Story about:firstlove, mafia love, ceo and pa

Age restriction: 18+

28 79

#1068 in Billionaires
#69 in Crime fiction

On Hold: 22 May 3 pages

Publication: 21.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "Loving you is Losing Game"

She was a fire, and I wished that I would never have played with it.
Because just like Bob Seger once said, you start with fire, and you lose the flame. The ashes smolder, but the warmth is soon gone; you end up cold and lonely on your own.
After all, loving you is a losing game!!
I could tell by her father's face that he was not a great fan of mine. Not after knowing I was involved in my dad's illegal business.
And I was thankful that It was Klaus who was interested in his daughter because if I would have been the one, then he would have clearly REJECTED me no matter how many good qualities I possess. This man hated my type of work with passion which indirectly indicated that he was an honest officer.
Even after knowing all this, I fell in love with his younger daughter!!


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anamika amin
15.06.2022, 00:38:46

waiting for next update

Seema Farheen
23.05.2022, 20:31:47

Is falak and Klaus story finished???

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