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Martyrs: Legends of the Great Savanna

J. Lincoln

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town building, moba, custom game system


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Publication: 07.12.2018 — ...

Description of book "Martyrs: Legends of the Great Savanna"

Welcome to the Great Savanna!

Explore hidden adventure within expansive grasslands, protect the unique race known as the Martyrs, and discover the Legends of the Great Savanna.

Martyrs are a unique type of creature. They are born as tall as you or me and grow to twice our size. When they are cubs, their fur is the same golden brown as Savanna grass. Playful at heart, Martyr cubs prowl and hunt like humanoid lions. When they reach adulthood, their features harden. They begin walking on two feet, making it easier to handle the weight of their Ancient Oaths.

James is a normal type of human; short on cash, and desperately trying to build a life for himself. His parents died when he was a young teen, leaving only his little brother... View the full synopsis here -

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Anthony Sterling 04.05.2019, 16:21:58

hope that James will kick her ass

Douglass Millsap 10.04.2019, 14:54:24

that´s something I was looking for

Sam Holte 02.04.2019, 18:38:39

When will you update?

Michael Knight 28.02.2019, 15:22:33

will you publish any other story here?

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J. Lincoln 05.03.2019, 22:47:26

J. Lincoln, Here you go - Milton, a Cyberpunk Coming of Age Tale -

Anna Morrigan 01.03.2019, 12:23:43

will you publish the full version?

The last comment in the thread:

J. Lincoln 05.03.2019, 22:36:11

Anna Morrigan, Maybe. It depends on how well this one does and my publishing rights at the time. You can always pester me about it here -

Savage Rose 16.02.2019, 13:51:35

the environment is cool

Mark Pearson 15.02.2019, 15:40:52

I just wanted to say that I really want to read it till the end

Samantha Ainsley 15.01.2019, 13:58:15

I love it, so nice

Peter Andrews 30.12.2018, 16:36:12


Lucy Roy 18.12.2018, 18:16:27

just fabulous

Asha Kumar 11.12.2018, 13:21:19

so engaging!

The last comment in the thread:

J. Lincoln 13.12.2018, 21:04:59

Asha Kumar, That is great news!

Amie Knight 08.12.2018, 12:21:23

seems to be nice

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