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Publication: 25.11.2020 — 02.12.2020

Description of book "Misplaced Identity:thevikingtwins"

Meet the girl with the big voice Audry, sweet, bubbly, smart and outspoken. She dreams of being the next big star but her music writing skills...disaster!

Then meet Doppelganger Sasha, smart, ambitious, courageous, has the most exceptional writing skills but when it comes to the singing voice...disaster again

I would like you to imagine a scenario where Audry releases a hit song written by Sasha
WITHOUT her permission and Sasha rises to fame as people mistake her for Audry...Crazy right?? Absolute chaos will erupt once these two lookalikes cross paths in this very unfriendly way as they attract the attention of the whole world causing the once well hidden skeletons of the past to emerge.These two were never ever supposed to meet, but what happens now that they have??

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Ajoke Makanjuola Nada 02.12.2020, 18:20:38

Wow nice one ? nice write up

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NasheMel 02.12.2020, 18:30:05

Ajoke Makanjuola Nada, thank you happy reading!

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