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More Beautiful Than U Think

Deniella Atlas

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On Hold: 24 Oct 16 pages

Publication: 22.03.2019 — ...

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Description of book "More Beautiful Than U Think"

Brynn Parker. Head Cheerleader. HBIC (head bitch in charge). Classic mean girl. Queen Bee at Northside High. Rich Bitch

Brooks Anderson. Gang Member. Transferee from Jones High. Born on the wrong side of the tracks. Classic Bad Boy with a heart of gold.

At Northside High School, two acquaintancesface each other each day. Worse when Brooks Anderson Transfers. Its going to be a loong year for them. Ugh.


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Tina John
29.11.2019, 11:01:52

Dear writer, there are lots of problems with your punctuation.
You should know good writing entails quite a lot of things and one of them include good punctuation.
The story is has a good look and I know good punctuation will give it a better look.
Also, always try to tell us whose POV you are writing from.

storm coulson
21.11.2019, 05:00:07

Woah! Big paragraph at the end of the chapter called "I love play rehersal".

Kat Moon
26.10.2019, 20:34:20

why don't you update more frequently?

Deniella Atlas
31.10.2019, 17:00:01

oh thats because i usually work on chapters for about a week but then i go to school 24/7 im sorry ill try harder.

Monica Spener
28.10.2019, 22:21:52

be yourself, that's the most important thing

Good girl
27.10.2019, 19:36:13

I need more

Laisa Tikomaimaleya
22.10.2019, 21:19:37

Like the story. Please continue writting and more updates.

Laisa Tikomaimaleya
17.10.2019, 14:01:09

Updates. Please

True Match
14.04.2019, 14:19:36

waiting for more chapters

Kerry Ward
06.04.2019, 15:40:33

can you publish more?

Deniella Atlas
06.04.2019, 15:08:11

hey! i need someone to dm me on instagram so i can start with the 3rd update!!

Catsoline Grace
05.04.2019, 18:49:05

Thanks for a new update, but can you update with more pages?

24.03.2019, 17:28:25

hope to read a continuation

Deniella Atlas
05.04.2019, 07:47:26

Grace, thanks for the feedback! please DM me on instagram for suggestions, my account is called beamxller1999

Linsey Smith
26.03.2019, 12:55:06


Deniella Atlas
05.04.2019, 07:47:13

Linsey Smith, thanks for the feedback! please DM me on instagram for suggestions, my account is called beamxller1999

Deniella Atlas
22.03.2019, 15:06:49

Guys befire yalk ask its supposed to be bumping

Deniella Atlas
05.04.2019, 07:34:52

Tiffany Kole, hey! i just published a new chapter

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