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Book. "Mr. Mafia, on your knees" read online

Mr. Mafia, on your knees

Niharika Nafisa

Series: Temptation Series

Story about:onenightstand, romance action mystery, mafiaromance

Age restriction: 18+

1509 177630

#42 in Inspiration romance
#51 in ChickLit

Sample 583 pages

Publication: 26.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Mr. Mafia, on your knees"

"Only I can make you feel so good, Amayra. No one can do it", I kissed her lips while inserting another finger inside her, she hissed aloud into my mouth. "Your hole needs me, baby vixen. Your beautiful body needs me", I said between the kisses.

"See how fast your body responds to me", I licked her jawline while fingering her. "My touch is what your body wants",

"Abraham..... Please.....", she moaned, trying her best to look at me.

"Please what? Are you asking me to stop or touch you?"

"Touch me", she breathed heavily. "Please touch me more"


The only thing Abraham Harris never wanted was to fall in love with Amayra. The last thing Amayra Mehta wanted was to destroy Abraham beyond repair. Will they ever succeed or destiny will play its role against their goal?


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