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My Boss's Ex-Wife

Stephanie Egberike

Story about:revenge, friendship, golddiggers

Age restriction: 18+

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Description of book "My Boss's Ex-Wife"

Ada was a high class lady who fancied men who only had the luxury she needed, and she woos them, marries them, take what they have and own making them hers and kicks them to the curb and moves on to her next victim.
Untill she met Bruce and stepped on his friend's toes.
Bruce loved Ada untill he found himself on the streets and his world ended.
Chucks , PA and friend to Bruce, he swore to take vengeance on the woman who brought Bruce pain, and he intended to go the length to achieve that..even if it means falling for her. Does he succeed? find out in this story.

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Bertha Francis 08.05.2019, 13:34:43

is it the end?

Kath Snit 19.04.2019, 00:04:13

the story is awesome

Kerry Ward 17.04.2019, 14:21:21

waiting for the updates

Samantha Ainsley 16.04.2019, 23:20:47

waiting for more

Sam Holte 15.04.2019, 18:59:35

haha I love it

Catsoline Grace 14.04.2019, 15:48:23

publish more please

Jeanette Adams 13.04.2019, 19:24:03

love it

Ana Arrigo 12.04.2019, 11:47:33

enjoying it

Cira Shalash 11.04.2019, 23:07:06


Ann Swan 10.04.2019, 13:10:07

she's just an angel haha

Pauletta Attaway 09.04.2019, 18:59:13

very attractive reading

Natalia Abram 08.04.2019, 15:31:39

that's should be something nice

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