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My town

simon 1982

Story about:this is a first person zombie apocalypse

Age restriction: 18+

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#51 in Post-apocalyptic

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Publication: 22.07.2019 — ...

Description of book "My town "

This is a first person story about what Sid would do if zombies took over his town


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05.12.2019, 10:23:50

I like the story:)

simon 1982
05.12.2019, 11:34:44

Thank you there is more to come

Vijay Kerji
09.11.2019, 10:53:51

You wrote the dog chasing scene well

simon 1982
09.11.2019, 12:34:07

Thank you this has been my first writing attempt as an adult

Ferrara Conti
15.10.2019, 23:52:28

I started reading this one too. Different than the others, but still gripping.

Viking of Meltham
02.10.2019, 15:26:27

great work so far, keep it up.... can't wait to see what happens next

long paragraphs though

simon 1982
02.10.2019, 15:46:49

Thanks I'm still working on that

Angel Lederhouse
19.08.2019, 18:14:14

great concept, slow updates

simon 1982
19.08.2019, 18:51:44

Hi thanks for your feedback I only do short chapters so it might not always appear in your updated list I am trying to do two chapters a week due to work commitments I hope you can stick with me to the end and that you like what you read

Booknet Inkslingers
17.08.2019, 22:23:25

Love the new cover, Simon.

Booknet Inkslingers
17.08.2019, 22:55:03

simon 1982, It's awesome.

Roza Csergo
12.08.2019, 12:05:53

Your prose is getting better. I like the diversity of the paragraphs. May I give another unsolicited tip? Each dialogue line should start with a capital letter.

simon 1982
12.08.2019, 12:13:43

Thank you that is another tip I will use I hope you are enjoying it

Mike Two
07.08.2019, 11:14:13

Good storyline despite the poor grammar

Mike Two
07.08.2019, 17:32:37

simon 1982, I don't publish anything, only read

Roza Csergo
31.07.2019, 12:11:14

There's so much improvement in the second chapter. I think you're starting to get the hang of creating sentences. The only thing that I could suggest doing is putting each line of dialogue in quotation mark ("..."). For example
"See you tonight? "
"Sure. At what time?"

simon 1982
01.08.2019, 11:39:55

Roza Csergo, Thanks for the encouragement I will it will take time I know I was going to try and make this one book but the way the ideas keep coming I think it might end up a series I have not written since junior school when I entered a competition and won it was nothing big but it got published in a book for schools. That was before teachers had started to get annoyed with my bad work. But now I have so many stories I think it is about time I wrote them down to see if people like them im under no elution that I will ever make any money from them I just want to entertain people

Brad Emshwiller
31.07.2019, 16:00:32

Despite errors, it paces well. Reminds me a bit of John Dies at the End. But you have some work ahead of you. Keep writing. And don’t be too hasty to click the publish button. Go over it again. And again. And then once more to be sure. Putting it down once is only the start. Editing and rewriting are musts. But keep it up

simon 1982
31.07.2019, 21:55:49

I think I will have a watch of the film and a read thanks

Jake A. Strife
27.07.2019, 03:30:07

You have imagination, which is great starting point, but you need style and to work on your grammar. Periods, quotations, etc. Maybe pick up a book on grammar or a take a course. You've got a ways to go, but the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for reading Omega Virus.

Work your butt off. That's the only way to succeed as a writer.

simon 1982
27.07.2019, 10:59:31

Thank you for reading it I will keep on with it and see how it goes maybe by the end it will get better

K.R Webber
25.07.2019, 13:51:33

Try using merging multiple fragmented sentences into one. Avoid using THAT and LY words. Your idea has potential but needs writing style. I have nothing negative against your imagination. The idea is good.
PS: Don't forget to check my books as well. your suggestion will be appreciated.

Roza Csergo
24.07.2019, 00:50:09

Hi. I don't want to sound rude but may I suggest dividing this one huge paragraph into a smaller one?
Also, would you consider adding some punctuation marks, like commas and periods (full stop)?
Different length sentences would make it a lot easier to follow the storyline.
Happy writing :-)

simon 1982
25.07.2019, 12:44:51

Roza Csergo, Thank you I will try that it's all good advice