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Description of book "My Wife's Revenge "

Cedrick Villaurel dreamed of having a happy family, when Ena Marquez became his wife, he had nothing to ask more. But destiny played around. One day, he finds himself grieving for the death of his beloved wife.

Over the years, he found the reasons behind the happenings in his life.

Will he be able to cope with his wife's return? But, her wife is not like before, Ena Marquez is back to get revenge on him.

Can the past be restored? Can the questions and secrets about their marriage be answered? Can he deal with his wife's revenge?


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Beata Gos
28.03.2021, 11:17:33

Love it

Red Delin
24.03.2021, 04:41:22

hey author kindly, check the grammar. wife is for women and husband is for men. The readers will be confused reading the story using wrong terms. Also, pronouns he is again for male and the same goes for Mr. and son are also referring to a male. Therefore, Im was really confused when Cedric was introducing a woman to his wife and he introduced her as a Mister and son of a businessman. I suggest proofreading your story first to check for grammatical errors before publishing it. You have a good plot going on but, the errors kinda affect the story.

ann-marie Harbansingh
13.03.2021, 20:23:57

I am reading this story but somehow it's coming across long and drawn out.

Sario Julian
14.03.2021, 05:17:34

ann-marie Harbansingh, i am sorry about that, but I promise it will be a happy story *hug*

10.03.2021, 19:14:05

amazing I am whipped author carry on

Sario Julian
11.03.2021, 07:45:21

yamini, Thank you so much! Please stay tuned! ?

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