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Passionate heart

Del San

Story about:about first loves

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#49 in Romantic fantasy
#59 in New Adult & College

Complete 30 pages

Publication: 08.11.2020 — 25.11.2020

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Description of book "Passionate heart"

Treasure will have her first crush, She decides to take a step towards her feeling and ends up taking a wrong step, as everyone makes mockery of her, George enjoys the drama and leads her on...where is he leading her to??

Treasure keeps the dice rolling as table turns for everyone to discover that Treasure was never in love, George was, but does he know?

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Del San 21.11.2020, 18:46:16

Sandra Empress 08.11.2020, 23:05:43


Sandra Empress 08.11.2020, 23:05:05

Hey, permission to co author OK?

Uche dee 08.11.2020, 22:59:10

good but you should reduce foreign languages

Uni Xezy 08.11.2020, 22:36:31

next pls

Uni Xezy 08.11.2020, 22:36:10

Uni Xezy 08.11.2020, 22:35:46

Your stories keep me smiling

Uni Xezy 08.11.2020, 22:33:57

That George, what's he up to??

Uni Xezy 08.11.2020, 22:33:09

please don't keep me waiting

Uni Xezy 08.11.2020, 22:31:53

Next please

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