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Ongoing: 12 May 18 pages

Publication: 12.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "Pharaohs"

Egypt has been an influential nation to the world when pharaohs became powerful, influential in conquering the Nile, distant cities around it and the world. Even a Ceasar fell for a Queen after the 17th century in the likes of Cleopatra. Female pharaohs arent common in Egypt but started to get popularized when Hatshetsup, a Queen regnant became a female pharoah in place of her father Thutmose I. Council leaders opposed her becoming the Head of Egypt but her charm, influence and strength as a builder made a mark that made Egypt great and richer than ever. Henshupta is the chosen successor..
" I may seem little but a great swordsman....The guard who was twice as tall and has bigger body built charged in front of me. I knew in an instant what to a true Samurai I swerved....and"


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