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Publication: 08.03.2021 — 22.05.2021

Description of book "powers beyond me "

Jesmine knows better now, she has gone through hell in her aunt's hands but since she doesn't have anywhere else to go she stays put and learns to keep her record clean in her aunt's books, everything seems perfectly fine her studies are her safe heaven her passion for the piano keeps her sane, everything seems quit fine until, she is forced to solve a problem she has no idea about, secrets unveil she has no otherwise but to live a life of invisible chains paying for the sins of a sister she never knew existed,

Kelvin is a dominant, arrogant and cold hearted billionaire, but because he is a billionaire Jasmine's aunt Audrey will stop at nothing in ensuring that Jesmine stays in Kevin's arms permanently for Audrey's own selfish financial gains.


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wow!!!! beautiful

Magalene Brown
11.06.2021, 07:21:51

Adenike Adeniyi Mary Adebusoye, thanks dear



hmmmmm, what will you do now

what? what has gotten into

you can't fight him, go beg him

hmmmm? by force

let's ride on

Magalene Brown
09.06.2021, 21:13:12

Adenike Adeniyi Mary Adebusoye, thanks dear

Naomi Mwangi
21.05.2021, 08:41:51

I love you work it is a beautiful one

Magalene Brown
21.05.2021, 10:28:32

Naomi Mwangi, waw! thanks alot dear, it means alot

Gloria Donna
22.03.2021, 23:41:13

best book ever so amazing ♥️♥️♥️ can't wait for the next update

everlyne mwayi
19.03.2021, 22:33:44

best book ever you should write more stories

Magalene Brown
19.03.2021, 22:43:06

everlyne mwayi, thanks dear

Cris Naval
15.03.2021, 20:41:00

Omg thank you dear always support you????

Cris Naval
13.03.2021, 20:54:22

I'm so sad of you jes

Magalene Brown
13.03.2021, 21:26:20

Cris Naval, about to get even much worse for her, thanks for your comments

Novels By Taylin
09.03.2021, 00:38:02

So far your story is great. Keep up the awesome work hun! :)

Novels By Taylin
09.03.2021, 15:08:36

Magalene Brown, No problem, us writers have to support one another!

Cris Naval
08.03.2021, 17:21:51

Plss update soon

Magalene Brown
08.03.2021, 18:29:23

Cris Naval, thanks dear

Cris Naval
08.03.2021, 16:54:39

Ok let's begin.

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