Book. "She left, but promised to return" read online

She left, but promised to return

Tatiana Oleynik

Story about:adventures, magick, necromances

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#559 in Romantic fantasy
#84 in Epic fantasy

On Hold: 26 Mar 26 pages

Publication: 01.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "She left, but promised to return"

She was alive and dead at the same time ... She was loved and betrayed ... She died, but was resurrected ... The elements of fire and the magic of death ... All this trouble went to a fragile girl who fell into the magical world.

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Istoria Xander
24.03.2021, 21:53:21

Hey, girl, you have some nice things in this story but you really need to find someone to fix that translation for you. This is easier for me to read in Russian and my Russian is pretty bad. Good luck!

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