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#21 in Poetry
#21 in Poetry

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Publication: 21.03.2022 — ...

Description of book "Songs for Mother Earth"

Journalings through the ebb and flow of emotions that cascade through our human existence as we put to pen thoughts that need to be put into words......emotions that need to be expressed and rantings that should be resolved. Join me in the dance of words to find that release and freedom that poetry brings.


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Tony Spencer
21.03.2022, 08:49:13

Some powerful thoughts expressed. Unusual format.
One literal:min You Are Mine, a "purpse" should be "purpose"

Rachel WesternWind
24.03.2022, 08:19:24

Tony Spencer, I saw your offer but did you see the picture I've used so far? Getting ready to call it a day, was working on the next chapter addition to Cor'elette. I didn't realize you sent me your email...I'll have to check that out tomorrow...nothing but rain and more rain here. I see you've been busy.

Corinne Whittie
23.03.2022, 20:07:20

Right from the ❤️. Beautifully written.

Rachel WesternWind
24.03.2022, 04:03:56

Corinne Whittie, Thank you so much and yes it is

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