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Description of book "Taming the Heir"

Because of a man dying wish, Maria Theresa Santiago has accepted the offer of being the fiancée of Santhe Ferrer, the heir of the Ferrer Corporation. However, Santhe is known as a womanizer; Could Maria tame the heir? Will Santhe becomes loyal? Could they actually fall in love with each other? What kind of a love story they could have? Read it to find out!

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Poonam Lunker 23.01.2021, 15:26:41

sweet update

Patience Boniface 20.01.2021, 12:26:30

nice next update

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Hayilla 23.01.2021, 08:21:04

Patience Boniface, Hi! Thank you for your support, the new chapter has now been posted! Take care always!

Poonam Lunker 18.01.2021, 16:54:15

lovely update..

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Hayilla 23.01.2021, 08:20:29

Poonam Lunker, Thank you very much for you support! Take care always!

sneha katriar 16.01.2021, 11:58:46

Loving it just lyk your previous story....Keep gng you

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Hayilla 16.01.2021, 13:56:50

sneha katriar, Thank you very much for your support! Take care always!

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