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Publication: 26.02.2021 — 26.05.2021

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Description of book "The Alpha King Samael"

The phantoms, just a normal regular family in Tenac town. What happens when you realize you are one of the "stranger things" opposing every logic reasoning you've ever known?What happens when someone messes with your family and any one else close to you?What happens when you realize you were destined for someone else but fate keeps playing mind games with you?What happens when you realize you are just a pawn in the bigger game? just a prophecy to be fulfilled? Sometimes when faced with such situations,it's high likely for one to get really angry....and very possibly mad but on the brighter side.....really feared. Thus,join Samael Phantom in this epic life adventure filled with raging action,turbulent emotional rollercoaster , romance , anger, revenge and most of all his rise to fame.


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Terry Gray
22.12.2021, 05:01:32

I love this so much!

sam reigns
22.12.2021, 11:22:07

Terry Gray, thanks for reading, I appreciate it

Ivy Frank
08.04.2021, 22:21:53

I love the book so nyc

sam reigns
08.04.2021, 22:52:51

Ivy Frank, thanks for your comment lol

Riddhi T
02.03.2021, 16:47:28

Really nice please continue updates...??

sam reigns
03.03.2021, 12:17:33

Riddhi T, Ill do my best to update regurlaly

Marta Cruz
26.02.2021, 16:06:34

Love the book so far, hope you will update it regularly

sam reigns
28.02.2021, 16:52:56

Marta Cruz, Thank you for your comment, I'll sure try my best to update as regularly as I can

sam reigns
26.02.2021, 15:57:24

Please don't forget to leave your comments, likes and votes. I would really love to work on your suggestions to make my story better. Love you guys

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