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Book. "The best yet" read online

The best yet

Elena Melanson

Story about:karate, lesbian love, humourous

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#79 in LGBT
#177 in New Adult & College

On Hold: 13 Sep 8 pages

Publication: 13.09.2022 — ...

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Description of book "The best yet"

Her new sensei was no older then Claudia who was 18 and Kiki was 22.
It right from there that Claudia want to kiss sensei Kiki. When Kiki corrects Claudia’s stance that was when she realized the feelings that Claudia had for her. She takes the chance and kisses Kiki
“Aren’t we being unethical martial artists,” Kiki said.
“I love you, sensei!” Claudia says. “I want you, Kiki”
Kiki cannot deny her feelings for Claudia.


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