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The Broken Perfection

The Night Fury

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mystery, romance, thriller


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Ongoing: 25 May 60 pages

Publication: 01.05.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Broken Perfection"

The story revolves around a girl who does college at day and disguises a bike racer at night. She has a haunting past which left her broken with no way of healing and she wished to not be healed. She had grown addicted to that very pain to the extend where she felt more hollow without the pain. Was that how her life was going to end?

On the other hand, was man or someone who acted more like a boy, who didn't think twice before seeking revenge from a certain whom he thought was responsible for the death of his beloved friend. The thirst for revenge burned deep in his soul.

What if the person whom he wants to seek revenge ends up being the person whom she wants to protect no matter what.

Their destinies collide and a new flame of passion gets ignited burning their souls together with it.

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