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Book. "The Debt of kiss Lasts forever" read online

The Debt of kiss Lasts forever


Story about:story about a mysterious ceo

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On Hold: 03 Jan 17 pages

Publication: 03.01.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Debt of kiss Lasts forever"

This story is about a rich CEO of the country, whose life is a mystery for everyone, nobody has seen his face, he is an unreachable person to everyone, the most eligible bachelor whose personal life is a mystery but his life changes when he fall in love with a girl who hates rich people. To win her heart, he faces many difficulties, he hide his identity in order to make her fall for him and one day he succeeded, she confessed him her feelings but one day, she got to know his real identity and left him after leaving a note that she doesn't love him anymore..

The story starts when a girl named Liza kissed a random guy to chase away a rich CEO but it becomes her biggest mistake as the guy who has been kissed by her wasn't the ordinary guy.

Read the story to know what happens when the guy


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Aayesha Khan
06.01.2021, 05:14:21

Hello dear writer interesting story but m little bit confused about characters u show them muslim or not I mean in first chapter there was a guy whose name was Essa, owner of Khan company but then in next chapter his name was David Essa and what about Liza and Aman i thought u show their character muslim but they drink alcohol just for the sake of client so m little bit confused can u pls clarify my doubt???

Aayesha Khan
06.01.2021, 04:40:11

Comment has been deleted

Marivic Titular
07.01.2021, 06:12:25

nxt chapter pls thank you❤

Marivic Titular
06.01.2021, 15:43:21

nxt chapter pls Nori...thank you

Shruti Gupta Agarwal
04.01.2021, 21:30:02

Hey girl!!!
Nice to see you here...
Just loving your story like always... Lots of love and prayers for your success...

Pamela Hardeo
03.01.2021, 13:07:15

lovely story

03.01.2021, 12:19:41

Pamela Hardeo, Thanks.. stay connected to read complete story

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