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The Enchanted Oak

A. Tweed

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fantasy, mythical creatures, elven culture


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The people that dwell in the isolated town of Sunny Side have always allowed fear to keep them from venturing into the mountains. All but Gabriel Ammons. With his mother in the graveyard, and his father an alcoholic, he wasn't like the rest of the population in town. He would soon learn that deep within the forest were creatures, long forgotten by mankind. Some of which, could harness the power of an ancient tree. The enchanted oak.

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Celeste I. 12.03.2020, 08:20:47

[Continued] When we finally get to the fantasy elements, it mesmerized me just how interesting it got. Elliana is a compelling love interest, she has a life and dilemmas outside the protagonists' life, and a personality to boot. She's fierce, level-headed, and strong, but also has a soft and cheerful side to her, when you get to know her.

It got off to a rocky start, but their relationship eventually blossomed, and they have cute chemistry. I like how the two play off one another, even if Gabriel can act a little weird around her at times. I feel truly sorry for what Elliana has to deal with, and hope she can pull through, and Gabriel can help her out.

The world-building on both Sunny Side and the fantasy world are invigorating and well thought out, paced well without it being too bloated and complicated. I'm curious if the worlds will collide or if the tree will play a more significant part, but I digress, the focus is on the two leads after all. (I'm not a fan of how underdeveloped the other fantasy characters aside from Solesby are so far)

Overall, this is engaging, and I'm enjoying how the story is going so far, keep up the good work~

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A. Tweed 14.03.2020, 03:16:28

Celeste I., I do still appreciate your thoughts and ideas. sometimes as a writer we need to step back and look at our work as a reader. so I always love feedback from my few readers. this is the first thing I've ever written so I've not fully found myself in this world. thank you.

Celeste I. 12.03.2020, 08:07:33

I gotta say, I'm intrigued by where the story is going so far and how it's progressing.

I like how you characterized Gabriel, adventurous, curious, daring, and caring about those that matter to him. He can be a bit over his head but still has good intentions overall. I like the relationship between him and his grandpa Paul, as they have a sense of camaraderie and friendship. Even despite the expositions on certain elements. (Same goes for with Janet) Speaking of, I find his relationship with his dad William to be refreshing. Will had a reason to be depressed, but he needs to move on and improve for his sons' sake. Gabriel has a reason to be upset with his dad, but has taken it too far at parts. It's not one-sided, and I appreciate that William isn't abusive, despite being an alcoholic, but still make things compelling.

I like how you showcase Gabriel's life before he gets involved in the main story. The way you handle the narration and descriptions of scenes is compelling and does a great job with the pacing. However, the beginning went on for too long before hints of the main plot and suspense came to fruition. There are also more instances of narration than dialogue.

Ryo Francis 05.12.2019, 04:51:47

Love your writing - so easy to read :)

Such a sweet, emotional story so far... Likable characters - i'm hooked

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A. Tweed 18.01.2020, 05:55:18

Ryo Francis, haha thank you. I try for the romance to be undertoned by the action and the plot. of course the two have a relationship but I want there to be more than that in the book. I had to create some sort of reason for Gabriel to keep pushing into the Ethereal world and making him a hopeless romantic seemed to work. More magic and action in the next chapters if you continue to read it. :)

Emma Swan 12.01.2020, 12:03:17

So, maybe, amongst the long paragraphs, you should play a little more with the dialogue. You have pages and pages without it. The dialogue would give some lightness to the page. Your cover's all right, but try to add the image of a character or two... just to catch the eye a little more. Oh, English it's not my first language, but I saw a few tiny errors (maybe from typing too fast) that you might wanna fix. Well, that's it from me. I hope I wasn't too out of place with my comments and keep up the good work. Next stop for me, chapter six!!!!!!

Emma Swan 12.01.2020, 12:02:48

I'm not a fantasy fan. It's not that I don't like it, it's more an understanding of the genre thing. With this being said, I've approached your book tiptoeing a little bit. But, TO MY SURPRISE, I loved it since the first line. I like the characters, Gabriel is so... American (Rodeo, Diner, working in the fields) which I like a lot. He has that way about him like he could be the next-door guy, quite normal and down to earth and a fearless hero, searching for answers even if that means putting his life at risk. I like his Grandad Paul (it's the kind of grandad that I would've loved to have) and I love the relationship between them. (and I kinda have the feeling that Paul knows more than he says) and I must say, that, for me, Elianna is already a strong character. (She's an elf, a warrior and very witty). I wish I had the ability to describe places and people as well as you do. So, kudos to you for the wonderful work you're doing with this story. I'll continue reading it. But, I have a few things that I think you might need taking a look at (maybe when you'll do the editing). First of all (and this is also my sin), your chapters are LONG, like really long.

Emma Swan 09.01.2020, 13:39:42

ch. 2 I really love the relationship between Gabriel and his Grandad and I hope that in time, the relationship with his father would change. Maybe the forest creatures had something to do with what happened to Jenni.

Emma Swan 08.01.2020, 03:39:21

ch. 1 - your story is so good! It got a hold on me since the first paragraph. I can't wait to read the next chapter. obviously, later I will leave comments about it, in the Book Nook but for now... well done!

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A. Tweed 08.01.2020, 14:54:00

thank you Emma! I'm so glad you enjoy it!

AnnaRCase 07.01.2020, 04:05:21

Ok well I read all your book in one sitting. um time to get obnoxious now, when are you updating:) 8 hours ago. Unacceptable haha.

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A. Tweed 07.01.2020, 16:37:18

haha thank you for the read. abd for your suggestions. I have considered making changes to the first couple chapters to include the folklore I just haven't been sure how to. when I am finished with this set of edits I will definitely revisit the beginning of the book and fine tune it more. :)

AnnaRCase 07.01.2020, 04:00:39

Well their relationship certainly escalated quickly :)

AnnaRCase 07.01.2020, 03:16:58

Talk about hard to get sheez ha.

AnnaRCase 07.01.2020, 03:11:04

hooded figures. this is getting good.

AnnaRCase 07.01.2020, 02:31:17

You may want to break the first chp up into three or four parts actually. Consider expanding a bit more on his Grandfathers tales about the elves and legends and maybe make it the second chp. I would be interested in more of the folklore and stories and who better than grandfather to tell them :) And then have the other parts of the chp into a third and possibly 4th chp. Then again these are all just my personal suggestions. It's your book, and I'm meaning to be helpful, not offensive or anything:) Totally up to you dear.

AnnaRCase 07.01.2020, 02:24:06

Hi. So just finished the first Chp. Nice and descriptive. Great insight into Gabriel and his life.You can't help but like him and sympathize. I would recommend breaking this chp.up. Its lots of info. A natural place you may want to consider doing it would be after his first night home, and start a new chp. the next day where he is bailing hay and his Grandfather tells him about the elves. Just a suggestion on my part. :)

Cathy Evans 07.01.2020, 01:19:35

Ellisna has finally gotten what she wanted

Lizzie Dunlap 13.12.2019, 12:46:46

nooo, she can't leave him like this

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A. Tweed 16.12.2019, 05:21:28


Nickolas Harbourt 14.12.2019, 21:50:30

their story has come to an end?

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A. Tweed 16.12.2019, 05:20:48

or has it just begun? ;)

Hillary Owen 12.12.2019, 19:49:10

charming story

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A. Tweed 16.12.2019, 05:20:08

thank you

Marilyn Lucero 15.12.2019, 05:42:49

Hi, thanks for following me. I followed you back.

Wicky 24.11.2019, 17:55:48

oh, love it

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Wicky 27.11.2019, 20:58:00

A. Tweed, I have read it:)

Clayton Terrel 23.11.2019, 18:08:41

great story

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A. Tweed 23.11.2019, 18:17:31

thank you

Eva May 21.11.2019, 19:40:51

waiting for more

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A. Tweed 22.11.2019, 03:57:42

diligently working on editing so I can post the next chapter.

Kat Moon 20.11.2019, 20:16:30

good story

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A. Tweed 22.11.2019, 03:56:10

thank you

Roza Csergo 19.11.2019, 19:03:44

I love fantasy and this is a great story.
I added it to my library and followed you.
Would you please consider following back?

Miri Golden 19.11.2019, 14:01:09

interesting story, continue publishing it

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A. Tweed 19.11.2019, 16:43:25

thank you very much.

Marie Thomas 18.11.2019, 13:04:18

one chapter is too small

The last comment in the thread:

A. Tweed 18.11.2019, 18:00:55

it's not finished. there will be many more chapters as they are finished...

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