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Book. "The Heir of Rosewood Cove" read online
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#201 in Contemporary Romance
#40 in Dark fantasy

Ongoing: 09 Feb 41 pages

Publication: 23.01.2023 — ...

Description of book "The Heir of Rosewood Cove"

Vivienne Summers suffers through having her ex arrested and beaten down right in front of her. The reason? He came at her with a gun. That's when she knew, she would never escape him unless she moved far away.

Vivienne flees the big city and moves into a small, quiet cove where she begins to make a home for herself, however, Vivienne is drunk one night when she stumbles upon a stranger. A man who she never met before, but felt like she knew all her life. She then gives him a piece of her mind after seeing him be ignorant and rude to her friend.

What happens when an overly arrogant and icy cold-natured man meets an overly sassy and hot-tempered woman with no filter? What were to happen if Vivienne gets chucked into a hidden supernatural world? Let's find out!


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Era Ronquillo
04.02.2023, 04:29:58

yeah.. nice story

Bumbum Adeola
01.02.2023, 02:50:31

It has a beautiful storyline,I love how it flows.

JL Warren
01.02.2023, 17:15:13

Bumbum Adeola, Thank you, I'm happy you're enjoying it!

Sruthi Onyx
30.01.2023, 04:50:43

i love the name Vivienne

JL Warren
31.01.2023, 05:03:18

Sruthi Onyx, So do I, it looks and sounds unique.

23.01.2023, 10:05:02

congrats on your new book dear! you just add your 40 book all the best dear!

JL Warren
23.01.2023, 23:48:23

Heartfixer, I didn't even realize that, thank you so much!

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