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The King And I

Eunice Nwodu

Story about:dawn and king lee

35 1998

#3645 in Romance
#523 in Romantic suspense

Ongoing: 16 Apr 52 pages

Publication: 12.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "The King And I"

Dawn's world was turned into a crazy twist when she bumps into Sir Blade in the forest on evening. He forced her to impersonate a dead princess who was made to marry King Lee - the dangerous psychotic King of Euphoris who also had two two wives, Alicia and Simone. They were yet to get acquainted with themselves and then a new bride shows up... Trouble, right?
Would Dawn survive at the castle where no one is to be trusted. What would it be like being betrothed to a crazy king who's next actions are unpredictable???
Would her true identity later be disclosed? And how would the kingdom react when they learn of Dawn's true identity as a common village girl who lives with her mother at an old hut around.....
Dawn is dazed when she discovers that she has become pregnant for the almighty king...


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14.04.2021, 16:30:18

Love ❤the story till now

Loveth Writes
13.04.2021, 10:55:28

This story is amazing

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