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Book. "The replacement bride (his showpiece) " read online

The replacement bride (his showpiece)

Olivia Jessie

Story about:he destroyed her with his sins, he can't let her go, he got a big ego

Age restriction: 18+

159 433

#403 in Romantic erotica

On Hold: 25 Sep 3 pages

Publication: 25.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "The replacement bride (his showpiece) "

I let go of the lingerie I was wearing,my nipples in his view. Yet his face didn't show any emotion. I touched myself down asking him to fuck me. He moved closer and his shoulder touched mine, when I opened my eyes he was gone like always
Kaya was 22 when her marriage got fixed with the handsome yet mysterious Aadrik Singh who was Lieutenant recently joining the Military. Kaya's father wanted his daughter to make the arrogant man fall in love and give himp grandkids because in that way they could get the half property which he had. It all seemed simple, Kaya marrying the man and getting pregnant. But her dreams shattered when her husband wasn't interested in her. He couldn't even sleep in the same room as her. The loneliness ate her and she began falling for him. He remained unaffected.


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16.11.2022, 13:32:46

author u there is all fine if not don let ur self down we r here for uu .hope ur dng well dear

Longan Cho
28.09.2022, 03:32:58

I love it please update soon.

Christy Rume
26.09.2022, 08:37:43

Wow... this is indeed going to be an amazing story... I love it already... author please update soon... thanks so much for this update...

25.09.2022, 18:08:43

author plz say me is it free or not pl,

25.09.2022, 22:25:30

Olivia Jessie, dear author plz make this book for free like plz make ur fans heart with joy ..but yeah i will b waiting till u say it is free n i will respect ur decision no matter wat cause ur recently second book got to b paid n i was so sad abt it ..hope u will understand this little fan of urd heart..n for support u will always get it author cause ur the best..take care n luv uhh

Vaishali Tyagi
25.09.2022, 18:07:21

is it going to be a paid book????

Olivia Jessie
25.09.2022, 20:23:41

Vaishali Tyagi, Haven't decided yet, babu!

25.09.2022, 18:10:15

is it free or paid

Olivia Jessie
25.09.2022, 20:22:24

Pallavi, Haven't decided yet, dumpling:)

Olivia Jessie
25.09.2022, 20:22:06

I will decide after I have decided if I even want to continue or not. The idea came to me when I was in my class and decided to write it up. Whatever the decision about paid or free will be , I will tell you know beforehand:)
Thank you for the support!

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