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The Shadow's Light


Story about:love, betrayal, lying

Age restriction: 18+

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Publication: 24.05.2019 — 06.12.2019

Description of book "The Shadow's Light"

This is going to be where I come up with ideas that does not fit into 'The Light's Shadow.' Here you can see more details and perspectives on the people around Christine.

In her universe, she wrote the book. It may be a bit confusing but I think that it gives the book a more "'unique'" feel to it. Ask me any question regarding the characters and I will try to answer them.

P. S. Everything happens during 'The Light' s Shadow'

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Izzy 11.02.2020, 15:19:39

Love it❤️

Krystal 09.08.2019, 15:13:15

Oh, how seductive

Lizzie Dunlap 08.08.2019, 12:59:50

The guy is gorgeous

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ZDwamena 08.08.2019, 14:07:37

I know. His name is Philip Bottenberg

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