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The Sorrows of War

Nicole Armas

Story about:death, loss, war

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Publication: 18.05.2019 — 18.05.2019

Description of book "The Sorrows of War"

"When you get back to Canada you know there will be no one waiting for you. No banners. No brass bands. No cheering crowds. Not like there was in 1914. No, people will be tired of you. They'll shun you, hoping to get over with the war as quickly as possible."

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Muthoni Marquez 13.06.2020, 10:56:19


Ryo Francis 16.11.2019, 17:29:25

Sad but true...

Nicely written - good job :)

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Nicole Armas 16.11.2019, 20:41:38

Ryo Francis, Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to read it!

Anthony Sterling 22.05.2019, 12:26:27

great injustice unfortunately ...

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