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Book. "Trap for Brotsky" read online

Trap for Brotsky

Julia Romush

Story about:erotic romance, boss and subordinate, love lust

Age restriction: 18+

1239 77304

#73 in Contemporary Romance
#83 in Romantic erotica

Complete 159 pages

Publication: 18.01.2021 — 16.11.2021

Description of book "Trap for Brotsky"

My victory smile vanishes as I see that perky asshole.
I get inside the elevator and trip over with my head down the floor. That’s when masculine hands catch me up.
And all I see is the way he looks at me with mockery.
"Ms Olesya, I think it has nothing to do with your shoes? There must be something wrong with your legs..."
He pisses me off within a second.
"Don’t you like my legs?"
He bends down closer to my ear and whispers:
"They are great. But they would look much better when you are on the table with your legs up on my shoulders."
Elevator door closes, leaving me tоtally shocked.
What the heck did just happen?
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13.11.2022, 12:31:02

Loved it ❤️
Awesome writting author ❤️

Julia Romush
13.11.2022, 11:43:59

Madhu, Thank you))

Christelle Bihege
23.03.2022, 00:41:15

I'm laughing so hard about the cat that hisses because she has wet dreams! I love your humour

Ruth Dionisio
05.12.2021, 22:51:54

Had started reading this before...but stopped waiting for the making for the lost time now that this book is complete. it is good. keep writing

Danny Nat
05.11.2021, 00:03:15

Please at least edit the phrase "put it on cancer" to "put her on all fours". Cancer is a desease, you can't use it in sexual contex.

Danny Nat
04.11.2021, 17:53:36

I started reading it. The plot looks good so as your writing. But it's hard to read it with all the grammar errors. I assume you're Slavonian? Please proofread the book. It will have more good feedback after you correct your grammar. Good luck!

Jennifer Zeigler
15.10.2021, 19:55:30

It’s a beautiful story! Loved it ❤️

Julia Romush
16.10.2021, 20:03:30

Jennifer Zeigler, Thank you))

Nomonde Shabalala
02.07.2021, 22:36:51






come to your sense and bring him back to your life


good girl, get your voice

Julia Romush
24.05.2021, 01:01:40

Adenike Adeniyi Mary Adebusoye, Thank you))

who ?


Patience Boniface
11.05.2021, 16:01:28

well done great job

Julia Romush
12.05.2021, 00:00:30

Patience Boniface, Thank you)) It is very nice to hear such nice words!)

Syeda Noorah
28.04.2021, 04:52:34

Amazing story author

Julia Romush
28.04.2021, 20:55:22

Syeda Noorah, Thank you)) It is very nice to hear such nice words!)

Zukey Cruz
01.04.2021, 19:11:13

iam confused if he married or not.

Julia Romush
01.04.2021, 22:22:06

Zukey Cruz, He will be married to the main character)

Shikha Nagpal
17.03.2021, 17:59:28

waiting for your other stories..

Julia Romush
17.03.2021, 21:12:41

Shikha Nagpal, There will be a new story soon)

Shikha Nagpal
17.03.2021, 15:49:34

Beautiful story. I completed it in a one go..
Thanks Author for beautiful erotic scenes...

Julia Romush
17.03.2021, 15:10:03

Shikha Nagpal, Thank you)) It is very nice to hear such nice words!)

running to land on the ground

Julia Romush
09.03.2021, 01:04:19

Adenike Adeniyi Mary Adebusoye, Thank you for your opinion!

Harmeet Kaur
08.03.2021, 12:34:36

this book is amazing. thank you author

Julia Romush
08.03.2021, 13:45:33

Harmeet Kaur, Thank you very much, I am very pleased!)

Patsy Cloud
06.03.2021, 08:39:15

I loved this book! I will definitely read other books by this author. Very talented!

Julia Romush
06.03.2021, 12:21:04

Patsy Cloud, Thank you very much, I am very pleased!)

27.02.2021, 18:55:11

Amazing work author ❤
I love it really really
Nd when u put the words ppl like him nd Alex do exist :):):):)
I wasn't able to control my imagination nd then started laughing

Julia Romush
27.02.2021, 21:46:39

Shreya Singh, Thank you!) I'm so pleased) Subscribe to the author if you do not find it difficult)

Nancy Bagot
10.02.2021, 16:38:14

Nice book. Thanks author.

Julia Romush
10.02.2021, 15:40:23

Nancy Bagot, I am very grateful to you for such kind words!)

06.02.2021, 21:42:31

well I kinda liked the starting

Julia Romush
07.02.2021, 00:35:41

Addi, Thank you)) Enjoy reading)

Joumana Khoury
04.02.2021, 20:35:50

Stupid book, a full waste of time

Julia Romush
04.02.2021, 20:13:33

Joumana Khoury, Thank you for your feedback and opinion!

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