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Trapped by the Devil

Farzana Tutul

Story about:dark world, darkeomance, dark mysterious and suspence

Age restriction: 18+

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#22 in Dark fantasy
#28 in Romantic fantasy

Complete 75 pages

Publication: 01.08.2020 — 14.09.2020

Description of book "Trapped by the Devil"

"Mia baby, you are just wasting our time. You Know, no one is going to open it," he cooed.
Then he came to me, picking me up in a bridal style.
I was still crying but he ignored it.
He took me to his bedroom and placed me on the center of the bed.
He started implanting soft kisses on my neck. It felt like my body was burning, but not in a romantic way.
It was like some one was rubbing salts to my wound.
He bit my skin making me shout in pain.
The pain was intense.
His hand went under my top and started moving towards my chest. I hold his hand in order to stop him but he bit my skin so harshly that my grip loosened..
I never wanted this.
I wished that I had never entered in this house.
.But now there was no escape from him.


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Hasnat Jahan
31.07.2021, 23:40:44

Omg it’s totally different. This book beyond my imagination. I really love it especially the enging part.

Preeti Verma
19.07.2021, 11:47:15

sorry but i felt like it's so cruel towards ele

Poonam Lunker
30.04.2021, 08:29:25

omg..what an ending...simply superb. it's sih a different story. !!

farha farook
29.04.2021, 14:53:28

its really soooooo different and was an amazing story. I didn't expect the ending to be like this. I love this story. I just started reading today and completed today. such a nice and good story.

23.04.2021, 11:21:52

loved it . no words. especially the ending.

23.04.2021, 11:14:23

I literally felt like I was watching a movie. best book I've read so far. I would recommend anyone who would like to read novels.
just damn author how can you even get this imagine. I really felt bad when i read liam died but he's still alive.

will I be crazy if I say I like liam?
and read this story in one time.
just loved it words.

looking forward to your next books.
love ya.
take care

Cris Naval
10.04.2021, 21:21:09

Oh wow....

Victoria Sangma
29.03.2021, 15:34:36

I feel like watching a movie .

snowy snow
11.11.2020, 19:27:51

Wow this book is wonder if this book is made into a you are so creative.

Garima Bisht
22.03.2021, 16:43:56

snowy snow, I totally agree with you

22.03.2021, 05:40:56

wow it was soo interesting .I totally love it

Kream Bloodin
02.03.2021, 07:36:30

oh I love this ending... entire book was awesome

Debbie Spring
12.02.2021, 09:43:09

Wow what a twist super good author

Beky Tsr
30.01.2021, 17:55:20

may I ask why you decide to write this story? from where your inspiration came from?

Farzana Tutul
30.01.2021, 18:07:36

Beky Tsr, Death note

Forced to Live
30.12.2020, 16:01:54

this story was really amazing and different I would really recommend it to others so gooood

Shraddha Joshi
20.11.2020, 11:32:51

A complete strange ending .... never expected ... superb

Jessica Arrington
06.11.2020, 21:12:18

That was the craziest story I've read but I will say it was the most original and creative. I loved it. I never could have guessed what would happen on multiple occasions!

Inaya Sheikh
03.11.2020, 14:44:35

very suspicious and extraordinary story.... still i liked it

Xstylish Lubaba
02.11.2020, 20:57:49

the story is so amazing

Syeda Noorah
29.10.2020, 09:15:24

The story was interesting but at the end it was so confusing bcoz she was orphan at first place then her parents from where??...Liam was a devil or a human???...

Syeda Noorah
29.10.2020, 18:33:48

Farzana Tutul, Ohhh ...okkk.. thanks for the info..the story is clearly understand right now

Ayushi Gupta
14.09.2020, 10:30:23

can u explain ?? m so confused ..if devil was real then what about her orphanage life now she has parents how ???

Farzana Tutul
14.09.2020, 13:24:18

Ayushi Gupta, As Liam was a writer , the whole thing was his script and he was just imagining that he was actually Devil . The fact becca flew , it was going on his head.

Ayushi Gupta
14.09.2020, 10:28:52

mia was orphan right ??? Andrew , then now August ??? it's so confusing ...

Ayushi Gupta
09.09.2020, 06:13:04

update chapter please

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