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Two Worlds Collide

Kristi Blair

Story about:love, ghosts, family and relationships

Age restriction: 18+

25 60

#642 in Romantic erotica
#681 in Paranormal Romance

On Hold: 15 Oct 14 pages

Publication: 15.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Two Worlds Collide"

Marielle is a 24-year-old, American college student. Who moves to Ireland to find herself. Turns out she was born a real witch. She joins a coven months later. While meeting her coven teacher, at a local café. Marielle runs into a man named Jeremy who is 35 years old. They instantly connect eyes. They both have, flash forwards of their life together. He says hello as she says hey shyly. While she adds sugar to her coffee. They keep locking eyes until she is telepathic tells him to meet him later. Giving him information to locate her later. He comes over, to meet her at her place. Magic happens between them. She lets him stay the night, and they cuddle getting to know each other. Later they start the process of a relationship. Finding out a shocking,


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