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Uhh... no.

Ria Cailan

Story about:college life, vampire and human romance, dark obsessive romance

Age restriction: 18+

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#414 in Paranormal Romance
#37 in Erotic Supernatural

On Hold: 12 Mar 33 pages

Publication: 04.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Uhh... no."

It has been a few centuries since supernatural beings made their existence known to humanity. It's perfectly normal to see a vampire drinking blood substitutes in a cafe or wolves running around the street. Some countries have already adjusted while others haven't quite reached there yet.


She just moved to another country. A new house, new friends, and a new school with more supernaturals. She only wanted to go through her college life peacefully, get a job, and spend her days dedicated to her interests.

He was very content with his life as a vampire, he's hot and there are many girls willing to help him. Until he meets one girl in a very awkward situation.

The two keep having weird encounters, but was it actually intentional?


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Johanna Martinez
22.04.2021, 16:58:21

Did you give up on this book? It has been a long time since there was an update. I love the story hopefully I do it soon

Johanna Martinez
02.04.2021, 20:54:35

I would gladly pay for this book if it meant chapters came sooner.

Johanna Martinez
18.03.2021, 16:20:38

I love the story but your updates are so far apart

Johanna Martinez
08.03.2021, 23:48:18

love the book hopefully you update soon

Ria Cailan
12.03.2021, 08:56:04

Johanna Martinez, Thank you for reading and I'm happy you love it! I'm uploading another chapter today. I wasn't able to upload the past weeks because of schoolwork haha (^ w ^)

Johanna Martinez
25.02.2021, 19:41:33

I love this book! Please update soon.

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