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Book. "Ukrainian Books of Spells  " read online

Ukrainian Books of Spells

Назарій Назаров

Story about:magic, folklore, charms

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#163 in Poetry
#693 in Mystery

On Hold: 30 Jun 6 pages

Publication: 11.02.2021 — ...

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Description of book "Ukrainian Books of Spells "

It is not a fragment of XX c. avant-garde poetry. It is an original folk incantation recited by old people in Ukrainian villages for ages. It is real poetry with bright imagery that can please even the most demanding reader.
Charms, incantations, invocations, hymns, prayers - they have different names within different folklore traditions. In Ukraine, they call them ‘zamovlyannya’, ‘zaklynannya’, ‘shepty’ (i.e. incantations or ‘whispers’).
Since XVIII c. there have been recorded several hundreds of Ukrainian folk incantations. They were recited or chanted in semi-whisper, accompanying some ritual manipulations. Their content has astonishing parallels with other Indo-European invocational traditions, e.g. Atharva Veda and Northern Germanic traditions.

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