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When The King and Queen are Detectives

Raven Heart

Story about:time travel, historical love story, kings and queens

Age restriction: 18+

45 868

#3513 in Romance
#104 in Historical Romance

On Hold: 10 Sep 359 pages

Publication: 30.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "When The King and Queen are Detectives"

Did you believe in time travel or time slip? Well…Inspector Ahn Shin Hye is 30-years old and an ace in their unit. She is assigned in the cold case department that chases serial killers. She’ll meet a man who loves to tease her. While chasing a serial killer, she will be entangled to a mysterious event. After falling in Han river, she will wake up in a strange situation… She became the queen of Joseon dynasty?!

As the new member of cold case department in Seoul district. Lee Sun Jin find Ahn Shin Hye as an interesting woman. He teases her on their first case together. After falling in Han river, he became the king of Joseon?! How can these two opposite personalities solve cases in that timeline? Will love bloom even political struggles is in the picture?


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Ayomide Aransiola
04.11.2021, 03:06:22

Thank God they successed in making the country a good one. I love this book thanks author.

Ayomide Aransiola
06.07.2021, 06:05:36

Nice updates author I love your book.

Raven Heart
07.07.2021, 05:41:28

Ayomide Aransiola, Thank you! This one is a long one and I hope you still read them. Have a nice day! :)

Olori Ogunaike
18.06.2021, 22:18:28

wow l like this book so much

Raven Heart
19.06.2021, 12:53:22

Olori Ogunaike, Thank you! Wait for more as they conquer the evilness in Joseon kingdom. :)

21.05.2021, 07:23:17

Superb story

Raven Heart
21.05.2021, 15:47:23

Priya, Thank you so much for your review. :) Watch out for more as they uncover the wickedness of their enemies.

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